I was babysitting baby Joy last Wednesday!
I always love her,
she used to be the youngest member in our church
until another lady gave birth
to another cute baby girl…

Joy is ready to go with Auntie Little!

Joy is ready to go with Auntie Little!

Me and Joy went to meet my friend CeeCee
for a tea time
while Joy’s parents went for date-night.

It was so fun,
me and CeeCee can’t help ourselves
and bought Joy super cute duck socks…

Hungry baby

Spending time with Joy made me realised
how much I’d love to have baby
and a babysitter haha!
Me and CeeCee was taking turn to eat
and to entertain Joy,
it was funny and fun at the same time…

On our way home,
Joy was tired that she started to cry
so I drove and sang her some lullabies
cos she doesn’t seem to be Hillsong’s fan…
After four times of “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
and three times of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”,
I got bored and started to talk to Joy
about my day and my struggles
(because baby won’t nyebarin your curcol)
and I kind of waiting for her response…

She doesn’t respond to me,
and when I look back,
here is what I see:

My heart went “aaawwwwww’ mode
in instant second.
Isn’t she the cutest? :’)

I had such a good time babysitting her,
hope I can babysit her again next time,
take her for a swim maybe…

That’s it for now!