So people,
my dearest friend Noran Bakrie,
a well-known Indonesian photographer
would like to donate
some of her magnificent photos to be sold.

These series are called
the “Noran Bakrie x Let’s Adopt” series
and are intended to be sold for fund raising for
Let’s Adopt Indonesia (click here for FB page).
These photos has been exhibited in JAMS.

By buying these series,
you are donating money
to help the animals that they rescue.
Now if you are rich
and you don’t know how to spend your money,

Get your “Noran Bakrie x Let’s Adopt” series
by clicking here!

And bloggers,
pweasee pweasee share this on your blog
so we can reach out to more people will you?
And if you asked,
“Why would I waste my time for this?”
Well because they need you.

“Who are they?”



Little Quincy



Aren’t they the cutest? :’)
So let’s try to do something
to help them to have better life yes?

That’s it for now..
And hey,
I just met you,
and this is crazy,
but here’s the info
so buy the photos
or spread the news maybe!

Kisses :*