“Thomp! Thomp!”,
there’s invisible man
that punch me right in the plexus
each time I saw something
that reminds me of you.

“Thomp! Thomp!”,
it hurts like hell,
but hey,
what else can I do?

Is it the same man
that smother me each morning
when I had you in mind?

Is it the same man
that cut me in the chest
with his little sharp knife
every time I wonder if you think of me?
Then imagine you being with someone else..

Are you enjoying this?

Cos you see,
you can’t force someone to feel
something for you,
just like I can’t force you…

But what the hell were those memories?
Do you have any idea
how twisted and confusing it is for me?
Slightly, at least?

I poured my love out for you,
only for you
and I’d build you a castle
out of the prayers I chanted for you
and I’d seal tight
with kisses and more
if I could,
but still it’s not enough isn’t it?
Nothing will ever be good enough
coming from me…

The memories are killing me
so why don’t you take it with you
when you left?

I love you so much,
oh God knows I do,
but I am sick and tired..
I am sick and tired
of myself acting like a victim,
but what am I really?

Oh God,
I can’t wait for the day
I’m over you.

Till then,
middle finger and kisses
(cos I’m have mixed feelings towards you).