You are my dose of caffeine,
my cup of coffee,
I don’t need one when I’m with you,
tho at times you make me feel so comfortable,
oh so sleepy…

You are my psychoactive drug,
I’m so energetic when I’m with you…
I’ll race you to the moon and back
and drive with you from night
to the first kiss of the sun light…

You turned my hormones and neurotransmitters
upside down,
your smile,
ah, fly the butterflies…

You are my drug,
my cup of coffee…
I feel bored and lazy
when you are not around…

I’m writing myself a silly poem
about you and coffee
just to entertain myself
from the empty space you left behind…

They said too much coffee is not good for you,
maybe it’s true…
Too much you is not good for me,
unless you will love me,
then what the hell,
I’ll drawn in you
til I die,
happily of course.