I embrace Ramadhan and Idul Fitri
in Indonesia
just like how I embrace
National Day in Singapore
and Christmas in America,
the sale is ON FAIYAH I tell ya!

I love it,
simply divine!

I love how during Ramadhan
there’s abundant of “Pasar Kaget”
selling awesome food
and people are trying to be
in their best behavior,
mosleem or not.

yesterday I bought two shoes…
Well, actually one
cos my Dad paid for the other pair.

I’ve been wanting Converse for forever
but I always hesitate to get it
cos I afraid I can’t pull it off
but I spoiled my flat shoes
and I need some kind of “unbreakable” shoes,
that’s when I thought
I really need Converse.

Say hello to my first Converse y’all…
It’s Red! ❤
It’s kid’s size
and it’s size freaking 1 1/2,
wth to the max,
I thought I was size 3… -_-‘

The other shoes,
it’s wedges but I won’t put the picture
cos I want the spotlight to be on my Converse he!

And oh,
I found this crazy good snack,
crispy Cod fish with seaweed,
or in bahasa Melayu,
“kerepek ikan Kod rumpai laut”,

I realised I seems annoying cheery now,
maybe it’s because of the new shoes,
maybe it’s because today
I didn’t woke up feeling gloomy
as my mind projecting that guy and the memories…

My parents are visiting
and it’s good to have some distraction
rather than free time to ponder about the past…

Ah well…
today we have “buka puasa bersama”
from the office,
will update you people about it (maybe)
cos I know reading blog
with too many sad poem
could be depressing…

Me, love, fyuuh… *blow kisses*