The buka bersama yesterday,
uhm, the food was bad.
Like, pretty bad..
However, God is good all the time,
all the time God is good,
the silver lining was
at least everybody went back home
with a box of chocolate… 😀

Taking my Converse
on a walk for the first time!

today we had a lucky draw on a parcel
we received from a company,
the winner is my colleague
who is kindly sharing the parcel with us
by doing another lucky draw, ha!

and here’s what I got!

Not bad,
not bad at all… 😀

every once in a while,
I can’t help but to think about
that guy…
It’s like taking a guilty pleasure trip…
Enjoyed it for a second,
regret it afterwards…

Awrite, that’s bout it…
Here’s one last blurry picture
that I like,
of my dress,
and my foot.