I had a strange scary dream last night
that almost make me cry in my sleep,
probably because an unwanted person from the past
tried to contact me.

So the dream was,
there’s this man knock on my door
and I was at the kitchen,
pretending that I was not at home.
I was home alone.

the knocks became like banging on door
and I heard him scream,
“I know you are in there!
I miss you! OPEN THE DOOR!!”

I was so scared.

When I take a peek from my kitchen,
my front door already broken
with one big hole
and there he was standing
with red face and I can see
his nerve popping from his forehead.


He saw me and he came after me
and I was running for my life.

He keep screaming and yelling words
that I can’t remember now…
Everything seems so real,
it was insane…

I awake and found myself
close to sobbing
and thanking God over and over again
that it was just a dream.

Come to think of it.
I don’t even know who is that guy.
I’m not familiar with the face.

But I realised that from now on,
I really need to have someone
I can call during emergency,
someone who is certainly answering his/her phone
and reliable for 24/7.
that will be tough.

just a thought,
could it be that all our dreams
are like a “binocular” for us
to peek at our life
in another parallel universe?
If that’s what it is
then I am 98% sure that the other me
in that parallel universe
is in a deep deep trouble.