So we met.
It was rather awkward.
Don’t you think it was awkward?
Yet it was,
Sharon said so.
She asked me what’s happening
and I laugh it off.
She invite me for supper at her house,
said Dirk suggested it,
that us girls need our girl talk.
I think so too.

So how are you?

It’s amazing how you can,
“Hey, how are you?
Why you never call?” with one big smile
as if nothing ever happened.
You blew me off at church, remember?
Just wow.

We went for dinner,
all of us in a group
and you were sitting in front of me,
asking me questions,
making a riddle out of my name,
asking me hows my life.

My life sucks without you,
if that’s what you want to know.
But you’re such a douche,
you kinda predicted it don’t you?

“All is well,
it’s fine..”, I lied.
Why would I give you the pleasure
of knowing how difficult it is
to see your name all over the places,
saw your picture of sunset and keep guessing
who did you spent time watching it with..

dinner’s done.
It’s a simple question, man..
What’s not so simple about,
“How much should I pay?”

Do you really have to say,
“Wait for your turn, man…”
as we passed the bill
from one to another?
Can’t you be like,
“Okay, hold on..”, instead?
Kate look at me instantly
and I’m too shocked to hide my reaction.
So, crisis management,
my good friend Kate said,
“Oh, here’s how much you got to pay, Lil…”
she covered the crisis for you,
so it won’t be more awkward than it already is.

And amazingly,
as if nothing ever happened,
mister, oh mister,
did you really ask me,
“Why are you so quiet, Lil?”
cos you’re being such an ass maybe?
go figure it yourself perhaps?

We left the restaurant
and my girlfriends were like,
“Oh girl, get over him already…”,
before I know it,
you showed up on our way to the toilet,
asking me stupid question again.

what’s your heart made of?
You said goodbye,
I’m too upset to reply,
but hey,
CeeCee answered you so it’s all good.

The girls went back with me,
to meet my parents before they leave
to another place,
we had our girl time
and they keep telling me how you are
such a bad bad idea for me,
and I know it’s true.

But you know what’s so disgusting about it all?
Is that I still fcuking love you,
that’s what.

You are in deep shizzle, Lil…
I know… I know…