Good glorious morning everybody!
I went to the dentist last night,
after pay day…
You know what happened?
I have a money……. and it’s gone.

Ceecee just returned from Canada
and look at what she got me!

I asked her to buy some of it
and I’m selling away
the “Stress Relief Anti Stress
body and shine shampoo”
(yes, two in one, how cool is that?)
for Rp.200k
cos the Sleep Sommeil have the similar effect.
Tell me if you or your friend are interested kay?

I have crazy loads of shower gel
cos I’m such a moody person
(which make me a terrible girlfriend)
and I usually sync my body soap
with my current mood.
It’s one very soothing experience, I tell ya…

Last night,
I decided to give Sleep Someil
(which from now on I will called,
“le sexy time soap”) a shot.
I need a bit of a boost up
after the dentist robbed me dry
and I feel slightly guilty
for talking about that guy in a negative way
when I have a girl chat with CeeCee.
I kno it’s a girl thing but
I also know that it’s not right
and I feel kind of bad about it.
I have a blog to rant,
I don’t think I have to rant some more
to my friend.

Sleep Sommeil,
it’s love at first sniff.

The experience of showering
with the right scent that sooth your mood
is just like a cheap trip to spa
minus massage and a stranger groping you.
Love it.

you should try it
with Bath and Body Works
“Stress Relief Anti Stress
body and shine shampoo”!
*promosi dulu sikiit*
*walau sesungguhnya sedikit berat hati menjual*

it was a good night.
CeeCee bought this Black Buckwheat tea
and I tried it for the first time.
It taste like chestnut, I think…

That’s bout it.
Be good.

I want to challenge myself
not to talk about that guy
in real life for 3 days.
Wish me luck.