You crowned me as your temptation,
but seems to me
I’m the one who can never say “no” to you.

These two days with you,
you told me
it’s always nice to spend time with me.

Likewise, likewise…

“Why were you so cold to me?”,
you asked..

“You always seems so different,
you’re random in real life,
but seems so cold and rigid to me
on whatsapp, why?”,
another question.

Here’s the answer.

I can refrain myself on whatsapp,
I can write and erase,
I can act the way I suppose to.

Real life,
to the contrary,
seeing you in person,
all the rage, disappointment
vanish along with the mist…
And the ground is breaking,
I’m landed on my knees,
my heart pounding so hard
it melts like snow
under your heat.

So, yeah…

“I went to my school reunion
two weeks ago and my friend said
I look like a mess,
that I need to find a girlfriend, haha…
I’ll be forever alone, man…”

“Well, you have the choice,
you choose not to…”,
I said softly.

You reply me with awkward laugh.
Some part of me regret saying that,
another part,
I don’t know…

These two days,
I could see the man I fell so hard for
every once in a while…
Now it seems like
there are two different souls
inside your body.
I swear I could catch a glimpse of him.

The man who once loved me.

You strokes my hair
and pinch my nose…
Does it mean you kinda missed me?

“I love making you laugh…”

“I never want to hurt you…”,

a little bit too late for that,
don’t you think?

“I never hurt you. You hurt yourself…”,
ah there you go again…

“Do you want to be my sister?”
“Do you want to be my friend?”
I smiled.
“Aaaww maayynnn….”,
you said.
Typical you.

It’s not as painful
as the last time you asked me such question.
What a relief…

We shared one long embrace
before you went home.
I found the man who once loved me again
for two seconds.

If you don’t mind,
could you perhaps,
be kind enough to tell him
I miss him?