But I got to move on, you see?
I got to get going and get over you.
I got to drag my feet
and bring what’s left of me
away from you.

It’s hard
and you’re haunting me like a ghost.

I hate to see your neck.
Hate to walk behind you.
I hate your perfume,
gosh I hate it so much.

I hate john mayer more than ever
cos he reminds me so much of you.
Plus you like him so much.
No wonder tho,
since you both are narcissistic
and you might share the same traits in
Myers-Briggs personality test.

And you are obsessed with that stupid test.
I hate that test cos of you.

I hate so many things cos of you.

This is depressing, you see?

I hate you.
Stop smiling at me,
or winking,
or talk to me,
or whatever.
Just whatever.

You’re crazy,
you’re a douche.
I hate you.
I hate you so much
that my rage can caused El Nino in El Paso.