He came to my office
said he bring my comb and sandals along.

The lift door opened
and there he was,
sitting in a cafe,
black shirt,
dark blue jeans,
perfect as ever.

I didn’t came to say hi,
directly heading to the ATM,
be strong my heart,
be strong…

He approached me,
returned me my stuff
and asked me what’s my plan…

“I’m feeling Indian…”,
I said.

“Care for a smoke?”,
he asked?

Yeah, sure,
why not?

The benefit of having an office
beside harbor is you have the pretty view
of the sea…

There we sat for a stick.
The wind was blowing,
there was a mini wave…

“I wish I was a mouse,
I can surf that wave…”,
exactly what he said when
we’re at our prime time…

He told me how his back ache recently,
I gave some sympathetic gesture,
but not too much,
got to refrain myself…

And he told me how I look nice and polite
in my work attire,
and it’s not him if he doesn’t add a bit of critic.

“Some of your dress are too short…”

“Shut up…”,
I said while smiling politely
as that was the best to do
after a rude statement.

By short he means 9 cm above
from the knee.

He made another complain about his back.
Okay then,
I hold him from the back
while doing a 5 seconds of massage
at the aching area.

He was inviting himself to join me
for my Indian food,
and I said,
yeah, sure, why not?

In the car,
he said he made friend
with this Greek guy
at my friend’s cafe
that was known
to being fussy and complained a lot
about Batam and my friend’s cafe…

“I heard he’s the least favorite guy
at the cafe,
he complained a lot…”, I said.

“Why are you saying that?
What’s wrong with you?
He’s nice okay?
You can’t just say like that about a person,
judging people like that.”

Oh wow, chill…

“I’m just giving out information,
take it or leave it…”, I said.

“By saying that, you’re meaning to
represent the voice of the majority,
means you agree.”

“I’m giving out info,
I’m not even that close to the man.”

“You should not say such thing when
you don’t even know the person.”

“Just an information, but if you said so.
Good to know you make new friends.”

I am too lazy to argue
with someone who can’t take
another person’s opinion.

“What’s wrong with you?”,
he said sarcastically.

“What’s wrong with you?”,
I replied with flat tone.

I’m too tired for this.

Once we seated at the restaurant,
he acted like nothing happened,
and made the riddle out of my name,
and kidding
while I’m still on recovery
on the emotional roller coaster he took me with.

I learn to adapt
and get over what had happened
and try to be normal as possible
while keep telling myself,
“This is the reason why it’s not working…
This whole critics,
this opinions he’ll exaggerate and
take as an invitation
to start another fight…
This is it…”

We had our early dinner
and as we were heading out,
he said,
“Okay gonna take metro…”

“Okay, see you.. Bye..”,
I said smiling
as I was entering my car.

He look stunned for a while
and reply me with this awkward smile.

Might not expect that from me
as I usually will offer to
drive him back to his destination.

I guess that argument in the car
made me feel too tired
to spend another gambling moment with him.
Will I be happy,
will I not?
Will there be another critic?

Sometimes I wonder,
where is the man I used to know?
How can someone changed so fast?
But I guess I never know him long enough
and the first impressions
are the one I use to characterized him.

First impressions,