Dedication time!
The first time I started blogging,
I never know that
it will open the door for me
to meet so many amazing people
and one of them is this girl:

Oh, God knows how much I adore her!
Her blog is the combination of being
hilarious, funny and cute
and she never failed to make me laugh.

The first time we met in real life,
the first thing on my mind was,
“This girl is crazy tall!”,
like seriously nyit,
stop wearing heels,
it’s killing my market!

today is her birthday
and so this post is dedicated to her.

Happy birthday, nyitnyit…
I’m so glad we met,
I’m so glad I know you
and I think you are amazing,
mature beyond your age,
adorable and kind.
Thank you for the friendship
and thank you for being so lovable.

Kisses and so much more
and look forward in seeing you again,