I want to know you more,
I really do…

I admit it started
the first time
I laid eyes upon you,
tho it’s not really
the main sparks
that lead to this.

I found your blog,
your old blog that stuck in 2009.
When you were young,
when you were confuse
and you were on your way
to be who you are today.

Your mind,
is beautiful,
and your confusion,
your struggles with faith and all,
I’m on it too…

A closer look to your life
made me realised that you too,
are human…
Just like me…

Would you think it’s funny
if I say that
we are kind of alike?
Tho you cursed more than me…
But certainly seems,
we are kind of the same,
you and I…

An alien.
The lost ones.

So come back
and talk to me for a while…
Even if it’s in this small library,
I don’t mind…
I just need to know you more…

There’s got to be more than
a quick glance
and some Oreos to nibble…
I’m so close to 100% certain…

They said
you need to proclaim your need
for the universe to hear
and made true,
and that’s what I’ll do:

I want to know you more.
I need to.
I just need to.