I recently realised
that there’s a lot of people
often asked me
if I always go for a facial,
routinely using face mask,
or spa or whatever…
Answer is no.

Hate facial.
Just bought face mask
cos it 40% off.
Never go to a spa
to avoid the risk
of being grope by random stranger.

They generally surprised by my answer
and will continue to asked
what I use for my skin
cos it looks radiant
(I didn’t say it. They say that).

with such questions
I’d like to share you
the products I use for my face,
just for fun. 🙂

Living in a tropical country
and spending much time on air-con room,
I mainly focus on products
that moisturize my skin.

Here it is:

I started by washing my face with
Biore Marshmallow Whip facial wash.
I love the soft texture
and the fact that it is collagen enhanced.

After washing my face and wipe it,
I wish spray my damp skin with
either Evian Facial Spray or
Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray.
Both are rich in mineral and hydrating mist.
I usually let it dry by itself or in a rush
slightly dab it with my fingers.
Anw, I like Evian more.

Now, after that, i will continue
using St.Ives Collagen Cream.
I love how it moisturize my skin
without making it feel sticky.
The collagen is another plus point.

Then I will go to sleep.

Or if it’s in the morning,
I will put on my make up.

I don’t really use foundation or bb cream
or powder for my day to day regime
cos I don’t like how it feels
on my skin,
however I still use it
on certain occasion.

the ultimate look,
my to die for,
can’t live without
that works like magic are

Chanel Irreelle Blush – 10 Secret


Benetint by Benefit.

I’ve been using this for years
and I never look back.
Experimenting with other blush,
But not with my ever flawless Benetint by Benefit.

So what I do is:
– I will make 3 lines
on my cheek with Benetint by Benefit,
dab it nicely on my cheek and above my cheekbone.
– Sweep Chanel Irreelle Blush
on the apples of my cheek and above my cheekbone.
– Again, make 3 lines
on my cheek with Benetint by Benefit,
dab it nicely on my cheek and above my cheekbone.


And oh,
put a bit of Benetint by Benefit
on my lips for perfect color lips.

That’s how I got the fresh looking face
without looking over the top.
Just a simple day to day regime.

Other than that,
make-up department:

I’m using local brand
La Tulip and Pixy liquid eyeliner,
they are good.

Maybelline Volum Express – Cat Eyes
for lower lashes,
and another Maybelline something something
(I can’t remember, sorry..) for upper lashes.

another local brand,
Viva, in black.
So much love for local brands.

That’s all.

Oh rite,
I have problem with acne too,
especially pre-period,

I use Lavender oil on my acne
and it helps a lot.
I’m currently using the oil from La Palud
that my mother gave me.
I understand it’s hard to find
Lavender oil in here,
however you can substitute it with
L’occitane Lavender Vinegar
or anything Lavender from L’occitane
that helps with acne.
Trust Lavender to fight your acne.
*serious face*

that’s about it.

all the link to the image
is on the image!
Click click.

Hope it helps!