memories playing…
Old flames, old love,
in my head,
they are visiting
right when I feel so low,
so unworthy after you left me
for another zillion time…

I was once being loved so much,
he stole a flower from Paragon for me…
Working hard to surprise me
with that bag that I adore…
I was once,
loved so much
that he wrote a song
about me in a yellow dress…

I was once loved so much.

That he abandon his presentation preparation
and took the 5 hours ride to see me,
just to spend time walking with me
in the border of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur…
That he put a Post-It on his wall
“make her smile today!”
and that’s what he did…

I was once loved so much.

And he,
the man who has everything,
fly to see me
and treat me like somebody valuable,
like I’m precious…

He was proud of me,
he acknowledged me.

I was once loved so much.

I was and still worth it.
And if you can’t see it,
and if you,
“Mr. Holier-than-thou”
can’t see it,
well screw you.

Godspeed to you and your pretty face
that you love so much.