You know what did he did yesterday?
He texted me,
“Wanna eat later?”
before 5PM…

The night before we just had
an argument where the story gets old.
I am selfish. I am manipulative.
Of course I am,
I am the temptation breed by Satan himself, child…

I told him
“No, I’ve made plan..”

He said,
“Thank you for the notice”.

Ya ya,

I really did made plan.
A ticket for Ted,
wanna see what’s the big hoohaa…

I curled up in my movie seat,
eat the snacks I smuggle from the market.
It was fun,
I enjoy it very much…

Before I went back,
I stop by to the market
cos I wanna try this recipe called
Eggless Cookie Dough“.
Cookie dough to eat,
not to bake,
how fun is that?
And it’s crazy easy too.

I love eating cookie dough
and it’s such yum comfort food.
Highly recommended,
but really try to use brown sugar
instead of granulated sugar kay?

I was substituting the ingredient
with granulated sugar,
I bet it will taste better with brown sugar.

Woke up when it was raining today.
Back then I always believe
that God let it rains
because He know how much I love rain
and it’s His way of letting me know
that He loves me.
Back then.

go and make some cookie dough! šŸ˜‰