The key is distraction.
And to step up your game
by looking like
the better version of you.

So here’s what I’m trying to do,
I’m going to start working out
and learn to eat healthy food…

I’ve updated my playlist
and collect some healthy recipe needed.

First thing first,
cut down some unwanted fat
and detox-ing the body,
reducing the sticks
and increasing bunny sticks (carrot),
if possible,
disco stick maybe? (hehe :’>)

here’s the challenge.

Who’s up for it?
Let’s do it together and update each other.
In my case,
I will make this
into 14 days regime.
First week,
trying to follow the 7Days rules
with oatmeal cheat
to make sure my body
adapt to the plan
without being too extreme.
Second week will be the real deal.
I will post my experience
from day 1 to day 14
and the result afterwards.

I will do light exercise
that I like,
which is dancing around
my living room while watching CSI
and running in the stairs.
Maybe a little bit of jumping.
I love jumping around.
And a lot of walking.
I love walking.

Day 1 starts tomorrow.
Wish me luck!

oatmeal cheat = 3 tbs of oatmeal + 1 tsp sugar/honey
mix and heat it on microwave or hot water.