Urgh I know,
I have such a bad commitment
to writing when weekend comes…

Anw, here we go…


It’s fruit day!
I was so excited
and preparing everything
the night before.

Here’s what I had the whole day.

I thought I would cheat
with oatmeal
but apparently I’m not.

I’m substituting my coffee
with warm lemon water
and I feel amazing and energize.
Here’s some nice fact
why you need to start your morning
with warm lemon water.

During this whole detox program,
I have my daily vit C and E.


Veggie day!
Woke up early in the morn
but lazying in bed til 9
then went to the market
to buy the veggies..

Here’s what I had for Day2 + spinach soup.

It was a hot day so instead of warm lemon,
I made ice lemon water.

I meet up with friends
for karaoke night
and truth to be told,
I kinda cheat by eating
some cassava chips and a potato chip.
Feel slightly guilty
but it’s soo hard to stick to the diet
when there’s so many snacks!

I saw Portuguese egg tarts at this bakery shop
and man,
the struggle to not
buy that sweet sweet gift from God
to the universe is craaazaaay!
So remember this:
do this program during working day
when you can’t hang with your friends.
It’s easier to stick to the program
when you have less temptation.

By the middle of the night,
I feel slightly dizzy,
perhaps cos of the crappy mood
and lack of food.
I took a medicine
and feeling so much better.

Day 3:

I had the combination
of both fruit and veggies.

It’s easier this day.
I ate the same fruit and veggies.
I forgot that I should avoid beans
and happily ate some green beans.
My bad..

Day 4:
which is today, people!
It’s banana and skim milk day today.

I froze 2 bananas last night
and this morn I blend it with
half cup of milk
and there it goes,
banana milkshake!
It’s thick and delicious.

gotta get some warm lemon water now.
Update you guys soon!

That guy,
I saw him this morning
while on my way to office.
I think he was jogging and
he saw my car as I passed.
He’s staying over at his new best friend’s home
nearby mine I think,
I pretend not to see him
and drive away.
My mood went downhill.
And he texted me,
wishing me a great morning at work.
Replied him something simple
and text me again about what I had from breakfast.

I really got to post everything
about me and him
so I can read it one day,
when I already move on.
I just got to,
it’s a milestone,
or so I hope.
Either way,
it’s part of my life.
So, yeah…