it’s Day 5!
Based on how I look forward
for this day,
I realised I will never be a vegan.
I just can’t.

day5 consist of eating chicken and tomato.
Chicken, love it.
Tomatoes, erm, not so much.
I supposed to eat 6 tomatoes today,
but since it’s not my cup of tea,
I substitute the amount of 6 tomatoes with:

Loads of baby tomatoes! Ha!

To my justification,
this is my first time taking 7 days detox
and less food, less calories right?

I make this spicy chicken breast last night
and it smells soo good
I can’t help but to take a bite or two.
Don’t judge me.

After 3 days without meat,
today is certainly a happy day for me.
I feel energize and excited.
I can’t wait to go home and cook
the teriyaki chicken I marinate last night.

That’s it, I guess…

Kisskiss.. :*