Day 6 might be my fav day of all
because it’s my feasting day,
I can eat as much as I can!

I made Indonesian chicken white curry
(opor ayam) last night
so I can have it today.
I’ve always been a fan of opor ayam
and I slow cook it for 2 hours
so the sauce would be thick and creamy.

I think I’m starting to feel pretty
fed up with chicken breast,
I’ve been eating it even before the detox…
But if it keeps you healthy
I guess it’s best to stick with it.

Other note,
I think I’m blessed to have
my friends Cee and KT..

I was in a crappy mode last night
and they texted me, giving me encouragement.
They even asked if I want them to stop
hanging out with that guy cos they would.
It’s so sweet
but then again I don’t need them to stop
being friends with that guy,
it don’t have to be that way…

So I told KT I wanna watch horror movie
and I know how much she hates it,
yet she came with me
and Cee asked her to give me
the yogurt juice that I really like.

The sweetest friends ever.

I’m not sure why but these two
seems to form a new habbit of kissing me
on a cheek or neck or shoulder
wherever possible
when we hug to say goodbye.
It’s kinda awkward
but I think maybe cos they love me..
Awkward in a very sweet way.

They really there for me
during this whole issue between me and that guy
and has been such a good support system.

Cee is leaving for Toronto this week,
I’ll miss her a lot… :/

that’s from me.

What’s your story, champ?