Last day.
the recipe for the soup is too complex
fruits it shall be!

So I guess I’m not really
sticking to the detox plan,
but it’s pretty fun so far.

Weird thing is,
yesterday supposed to be my
“all-you-can-eat” day,
yet I don’t really feel like eating.
I guess my body is adapting
to eating in small portion.
Not bad.

I’m not sure how much I weight now
as my weight measurement failed me.
It stated 37.5 kg,
and it’s impossible.
Trust me,
I know my body.

So yea…
I don’t feel much different in the body
but I learn to like lemon water
and eating in (even) small(er) portion.
That’s good enough for first trial I guess.

Other than that:
he whatsapp-ed me last night,
“Would you kindly have a heart to heart
conversation with me?”

My friend, KT, told me
how he wanted to talk to her about me
and how he want to reconciliate things
between me and him.
Reconciliate is his definition is:
treating him as if nothing ever happen,
not being cold to him
and be the person he wants me to be.

Not ready yet.

So I shut my phone off,
disconnecting myself
with everything that involves him.
Including my friends.
Guess I need to be alone for a while.