Dear God,
teach me to be kind and humble,
teach me to see
from others perspective
before sticking to mine…

Grant me the bigger heart
to reach out
to the person I have conflict with
to apologize and make things right…

Teach me to understand
that there’s more ways than my way
and there’s colors of characters
because You think that
makes the world pretty..
Grant me the understanding
that in fact,
You know what’s best.

Guide me along
as I’m learning what faith means,
walk with me
as I’m learning to walk with You…

I know I could be a handful
and arrogant
when the mood strikes,
oh God,
if it’s possible,
instead of pinching me,
could You tell me kindly
via dream?
I’m both
bad at reading hints
and over sensitive,
so being too soft on me will not work
but being hard on me would make me rebellious…

If I may,
oh God,
I plea You to go middle way with me…

I reach out today to Ronny today, Lord,
I feel bad for being so snobbish at him
all of this time
cos I can’t handle
people who talk too much…

I feel bad for making him feel bad…

He sounds surprised when I call him
and I’m not sure if I should
say sorry or not
since we both like to pretend
like nothing happened…
The fact that I’ve slapped his dignity
is too much for his manly ego.
And I understand that fully…

I’m just being nicer to him now, Lord.

Should I say sorry, God?
Should I not?
What should I do?

Grant me some tolerance
over people, oh Lord…
I hate the after math of hurting
people who can’t help
but being themselves.
Who am I to judge?
I’m not moral police
and I don’t want to be one.
Being a police is not my dream job.

Help me, Lord
for You are the master brain
of the universe,
the Father of the father of knowledge
(or was he atheist? or pray to Greek gods? Idk)…

You lead,
I (will try to) follow…

Be lifted higher,