The bed is big ,
we have all the space in the room
to roll and roll over,
but here we are,
two heads,
one pillow,
giggling like children…

It doesn’t have to end like
how most two sexually active adult
in one room end you know..,
it’s more than just skin meet skin to me…

You look like a mess,
you don’t even cut your nails…
But you look good to me
and that’s what matters…

Said you were sorry for not
being able to be around,
“Cos I know
to love is to be present, you know…”
Got to deal with some stuff…

First of all,
who is this overly attached person
who told you that?

“I don’t need to be with you 24/7,
I don’t need you to be present all the time..
Go with your friends,
have your boys night out,
hang with the family…”

“But you’ll be alone.. You’re fragile like that…”

“But doesn’t mean I’m weak.. I’m strong,
I changed my own light bulb remember?”

No correlation, I know,
but really,
I don’t need to be with him 24/7…
We both have a life
and I don’t want to put him on leash.

We both been busy lately,
and the day when he read me his letter,
we haven’t been really apart…
Trying to work things up,
this and that…
Since then,
after we done with all the stuff,
we’ll just go for dinner,
have a tea at home and relax…
And went for movie once.
good one btw.

He’s been talking a lot
about feeling,
most of the time constantly changing his mind
every couple of hours…
I feel like I had break up talk 3 times a day.
That’s what happens when you are with a person
who is struggling in deciding what he really wants.

I’ll be sleeping alone tonight,
which I don’t mind…
I’ll catch up on my book
and certainly will have more sleep…

“Let’s Skype tonight? You wanna?”,
he asked before winking cheekily at me.

“Yea, sure…”, I said, smiling..

Tho to be honest I am rather tired…
I think I need to sleep early.
I have sore throat and PMS.

Last week,
I finally agree to let him read me his letter.
All apology and words and more words
that I can’t recall now.
We hugs, we kissed,
we smiled, we cried..
We’re on good terms
and he’s more open and kind…
And, yes.
Don’t judge me.
I’m a fool, I know.
You too.
Smart ones won’t fall in love remember?