I like to talk by myself.
He think it’s some kind of psychological sickness.
I’m pretty sure it’s okay
to address it as “introvertly chatty”.

I like to drive with windows open.
I was trying to share the enthusiasm with him.
One day,
we were driving with windows open on early morning,
back from the beach.
He got stung by bee that trapped inside car.
He’s still alive.
The man, not the bee.

People who drive slowly in front of me
yet managed to crossed the red light
and leave me hanging irritates me.

I hate waiting in freezing air-con room
and humid hot room.
Both are lose situation.

I eat a lot.
Like, a lot.

Afternoon sky scares me.
Not in Bali tho, I’m not sure why..

Red wine. Rose champagne.
But if it’s free, I’m up for everything.
Except Bloody Mary.

Local Capri taste like my grandma Kabeno face powder.

I’m jerk magnet.
And douchebags too..

It’s over.
We broke up.
This time is for real,
with all dramatic tears and goodbyes.


I’m so over love at the moment.
So, no relationship for me,
unless we’re talking about
taking another step closer to God.

I am never really that religious.
Perhaps it was a mistake
when I told God
I want to be with a religious guy.
I never thought He’ll send me
someone from Westboro Baptist Church.