Blogging time,
but first of all let me start
this blog post by thanking this amazing girl
who made me this:

you one badass friend you.. Haha!
He was sitting in front of me
when you sent me this image.
We’re at this church meeting
and your image was hysterical!

Thank you babe,
like seriously…
And I read your blog post,
it was beautiful and you’re being too kind…
Thank you for not mentioning
I like to eat my booger
and my friend’s lice on your blog post..
Oh wait, that’s orang utan,
not me…
Either way…

Thank you so much,
with these kind of comfort and support
and I know I can deal with stuff like this…

Truth to be told,
days after he read me his letter,
we’re like back to honeymoon mode
where everything was good…
He open doors for me,
there’s a lot of cuddle and kisses…
We were so happy and inseparable.

But thing happened where he realised
that this whole relationship
will be his obstacle to be this man
he supposed to be according to God’s plan.
You think it’s cheesy?
You don’t say, teph…
Like it sounds extremely cheesy to me.

But I understand where it came from,
and he ask for forgiveness over and over again…
and I want to respect his decision too.
I was not ready for goodbye,
I never will.
I hate that he choose to walk away
than walking hand in hand with me,
taking the steps together…
But maybe he’s just not ready for that…

I am heartbroken,
I sure do…
But I can see how he regret the things
he did to me back then
and I sincerely hope that this path he’s taking
will make him a better man…

But if he’s ever get close to another lady,
you know I’ll go redneck on him.
Cos I’m secretly a country gurl
and I’m country strong y’all…

Help me in prayer will you? 🙂
Thanks so much ya Teph,
I’m beyond touched
and you are amazing.
I love you. 🙂


I made my first apple pie the other day.
I was prepared for a failure
but to my surprise
it’s a success!

My friends love it
and it became a hit.

that’s it that’s it.

And oh yes,
please pray for Boni,
my black goldfish,
my pet in the office.
He went missing the other day.
How can a fish went missing from a mini pool,
I will never know…