It feels like a long journey
but I know it’s not…
Feels like running thru miles and miles,
yet I’m not breaking a sweat
is a proof that it’s all in my head…

I’m not sure what to pursue,
what lesson I need to learn…
Will there be one momentum
in my life where it will burst
like electric orgasm of fireworks
and suddenly all that happened
finally explained,
all along,
the explanation was already there,
on every day I woke up to,
on every walk I’ve endured…
Not on the destination,
but the journey…

What’s the closure?
How to find the closure?

I’m getting low on life
so I get my high on carbs and MSG,
which is a bad idea,
coming from former anorexic.
The after-effect would be guilt and more guilt.
you should not fix your problem with food.
Mars bars can’t be your knight in shining armour.

I feel so drained,
but yes,
since I’m constantly thirsty
cos my lunch caterer
is lack of cooking skill
and swore her life on salt and MSG.
I think I need to stop catering from her.
I think I need to stop writing too.
I’m mumbling,
and in my mind,
I’m stuttering.