*happy face*
Won’t you guys congrats me with
“Happy Thanksgiving?”

One of my colleague:
Why? Thanksgiving is celebration
only for westerners.

But Christians celebrate Thanksgiving too…

The same colleague:
No hard feeling but during my study
in Christian school,
native American used to celebrate Thanksgiving,
then the English invade the island
and soon enough they adapt to the celebration…

And, the Caucasian invade Asia,
teaching Christianity,
it came hand in hand with Thanksgiving…

The same colleague:
I don’t know,
it’s not part of my study.

It’s okay, you don’t have to wish me anything.
*walk away*

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated
primarily in the United States and Canada.
Several other places around the world
observe similar celebrations.
Historically, Thanksgiving had roots
in religious and cultural tradition.
Thanksgiving is primarily celebrated
as a secular holiday.
(thanks, Wiki.)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody,
whether you are caucasian or not!