I took a long trip to Highville
just to realised I’m just a simple girl…
There are certain things in life,
no matter how glamorous it seems,
is just not for me…

I just want to go home and read my book.
I just want to snuggle in bed.
with you.

it’s not what you think…
It’s beyond those touch and physical reaction…
But I grow too fond of your scent,
a scent that seems I can’t live without.

I just need to sleep with my arms
around your arm,
and sniff you tenderly
every once in a while..
Simple joy…

I’m not sure
if such delight worth your critics
and you questioning my sanity…
I can’t think straight,
I’m having a withdrawal from being away from you.

This road is complicated
and I’m actually very tired
but it seems there’s auto-mode in me
and I’m digging my own grave…

Can it all just stop?