You kno,
I’d actually stay with you
if only you’ll treat me nicer for good…,
not your some sort of
“temporary sanity”.
I’d be with you.

I’m tired of begging on knees, baby…
I’m tired of losing sleep
just to entertain your anger…
I’m tired of trying to sooth you
and saying sorry
for things I didn’t do…

“I can’t do this anymore,
I need you to stop seeing me,
Just stop,
I’m begging you, please…
I’m tired of hurting you
unintentionally, just like you said…
I’m leaving.
Take the church,
I’m out of there.
I’m out of everything about you”,
I said…

You said,
no, you take the church.
And changed your mind in the morning.

Fact is,
I love that church,
I really do.
That’s the only church I went.
You have two.
You said I can have the church last night,
why changed your mind?
“Stop twisting my word and playing mind game”,
you said.
take the church.

When you know it’s for real,
that I’m serious about leaving,
you started talking about the past
and being sweet…

Why are you doing this?
Stop doing this…

Thank you for fixing the table that you broke.
It’s very nice of you to do that
and admit
“I just realised it’s kind of a jerk
of me to broke it and leave it like that.”