I know I have daddy issues
when I have this weird feeling
each time I called you “daddy”…
Like there are butterflies inside…
Maybe you are right,
maybe I’m sick inside my mind…

I think of you
each time Lana Del Rey’s “Ride”

Could it be I stick with you
cos it feels familiar?
Cos you’re like my daddy…
Cos there’s pleasure in pain…
Cos it feels good to be hurt?

I strive so hard,
so so hard to hear you say,
“You’re a good girl…
You’ve been a good good girl..”

What happened to me?
It’s like the past running to catch up with me.
I feel like a child,
you’re my daddy with invisible belt.

Maybe that’s why
I can never stay too far from you,
you’re my ghost from the past,
you make me feel so vulnerable
and I’m addicted to your acknowledgement.
You’re a nightmare I cling to…

There’s war inside me,
I’m afraid of you
but it feels so good when you love me…
And I kno it’s wrong
and I know this is not healthy
and I am scare…

I feel like I can mend the past
if I please you,
if I make you happy,
cos you’re my daddy,
you’re my daddy aren’t you?

There’s benefit in locking blog it seems,
I can write bluntly…
I hope I offend no one by this.
Little miss perfect ain’t so flawless eh?
That Mario Teguh fan will burn me alive
if she read this, ha!