You will not believe
what happened last week.
It was so crazy
I can’t believe it’s my life.

my parents went missing.
inactive phones,
no news,
got to file for police report
in two countries
kinda “missing”.
For four freaking days.

I cried so much
cos I’m so good at making awful
scenarios inside my head
creating chaos
calling all my mum’s friends.

Found them tho.
Turned out they thought
we won’t concern too much
so they decided not to give us a call
and continue traveling around
till the D-day they supposed to visit me in here.

Worst prank ever.

I hate it,
I hate it so much.
I hate worrying for things that
did not happen.

I’m glad they are okay tho,
regardless the fact that I need to inform
125597459624136 people who helped me
search for my parents, that they are okay.

moving on…

My heart hurts,
I’m not sure why but it hurts…
I feel sad…

I heard my brother will return here
on February.
I won’t have the house for myself anymore.
It’s depressing.
I love staying alone.

Why nobody inform me
that growing up would be suck?