You always tells me
how you and I
could ever make the most amazing babies,
cos everything about us is just so right…

How I like your scent
even when you’re not on your perfume,
how our gen are far apart.
we’re simply perfect for each other…

And I thought you’re perfect for me.
And I thought you’re perfect.

it’s one sided.

You don’t want me,
you want my attention.

While I want you so bad,
I want your babies too…

What you’ve made me,
scares me.
I’m scare of myself…
I’m scare of how vulnerable I am
and how lost I am
when you’re not around…

I’m scare of how my eyes lit up
and my heart burst in sparks
when I saw you walking from a far…

I’m scare of how much I need you,
and how much I love you,

after all that happened…

You can never love me, can you?
You just can’t…

It hurts.
I love you.