She was broken,
and so was I…
Miles away,
same stories,
tears on our face…

I just realised
how warm my tears is,
and it falls like a drop of pearl…

I was so heartbroken,
and so was she…

He was there with her physically,
he was there with me through the wire.

Four different people,
two close to similar story.

He told me he wore my shawl
that I accidentally left in the cafe…

He told her he want to end things
between them…

I asked him,
have you ever love me?
Have you ever?

She delete his number
in front of him…

We were crying,
we were shattered…
We love them too much,
we’re losing ourselves in between…

I told him,
I love you

He told me,
I love you too
but we are incompatible for each other…

She told him
we can’t be friends anymore..

He asked her,

I wish I never met him,
we both says.

This should have never happen.
To anyone.

And silly of us to think
we deserve real love.