It’s funny how we can learn so much
from small things eh…?

So today,
I bring strawberry oatmeal cookies
as snack to office.
I bought them weeks ago,
I just choose to ignore it
until I’m running out of option.

I never really a fan of oatmeal cookies.
It taste weird.
I bought it cos oatmeal is good
for your digestion.
It’s healthier choice.
And yeah,
I figured maybe,
if there’s strawberry inside,
it’ll taste better.

It doesn’t.

still don’t like it.

And then it hit me.

Maybe I am his oatmeal cookies!

No matter how hard I try,
I just can’t fit his puzzle
because I’m not the one he wants.

I can try to add a bit of strawberries,
maybe banana because he always like banana
but it won’t hide the fact that I’m still
an oatmeal cookies.

And I will never be the choice.
Even if I’m healthier or whatever.

Because it’s not me,
it’s just a matter of taste,
and I’m not his taste.

I’m sure there’s people out there
who really like oatmeal cookies
(or else nobody will sell it),
but is it his fault not to be able
to understand how good it taste?

cos it’s just a matter of personal choice.

Just like me.
I will never like oatmeal cookies.
Even if there’s nutella involved.
I’ll just scoop out nutella with my finger
and indulge in it,
ignoring that poor oatmeal cookies.

I tried to like it.
I can’t.

Same like him.
He tried,
he can’t.

He appreciate the goodness coming out of
this oatmeal cookies,
he said he really did…,
but it’s just,
oatmeal cookies is not his thing.