I don’t even need to close my eyes
to remember the taste of your lips,
the rush of sudden hurricane,
the blow of cold wind
that shrunk my heart.
Back then it feels so beautiful,
back then I know that if I die,
I’d die happy…

I still remember how it feels
when I lightly brush your curly hair,
how my fingers sink deep and disappear,
and you’ll smile and close your beautiful
sunset eyes,
bright like crimson sky…

Oh what I wouldn’t do for you?
I’d run thru the meadow
and wait til dark
just to catch the brightest star for you,
if you want me to…
If you ask me to…

My once true king,
my sole sovereign,
standing above the ruined of my citadel
before you left after kissing me goodbye,
leaving memories behind.

Yet, still I miss you so…