Had such a great time
at office gathering
and went to my friend’s cafe
before heading home.

That guy (youknowho)
suddenly came to the cafe too
and it was awkward.
I left early before it’s getting
even more weird.
Can’t handle being in the same room
for too long just yet.

Went to one my my student’s bday party,
it was fun…
Her mom is my good friend and mentor…
It was a beautiful day.

Met his father
and we had a nice talk.
You know how when you love someone,
you’ll learn to love his family too?
They come in a package.
I love his father
and I told him I was so worried about him,
why didn’t he tell me about him being in hospital…
I told him I miss him too,
it’s been too long since the last time we talk.
Suddenly his son (youknowho) appear and says,
“She’s been worrying about you and she’s been amazing…
She gave me loads of good advice…”
I don’t remember giving him advice,
to be honest,
so we had this old formality of,
“Oh no, actually it’s him with the best advice…
He’s been so great..”
The things you need to do when you broke up
just so you look like you can handle it like grown ups.

I wonder If his father could read my eyes
and see how much I miss his son…
And if his son could see it too,
cos when nobody notice us he says,
“Thank you for the prayers…”,
I was like,
“How did you know that I pray for you?”
And he says,
“I do…”
I wonder if he knows
I still cry cos I miss his so much.

This morning,
found emails from his dad.
the songs he think I might like.
That cute old man, I tell ya.. 🙂

Like I said before,
I’m never really a good example.
Never really that girl you should look up to.
Don’t look up to me, kay…
Be stronger than me.

that’s it.

Oh God…,